The journey begins

Tomorrow, 1st November 2018, marks the beginning of a new journey. I’ve been running Marga Yoga for 9 years; a very fulfilling journey started at a tiny little place in the woods at Koh Phangan, which expanded to a beautiful beach front location at Koh Samui; 1 rai of jungle, turned into an oasis of peace and relaxation. Here in Koh Samui it all started with the blessing of a piece of beach front land before we (Om and I) could even set foot (and paw) inside. Everything happened so fast; building a new place from scratch, not having a clue about what we were doing but believing it could be done. And it was done! Yoga classes and retreats started to run, a veggie restaurant shaped up, bamboo bungalows filled up with guests; the yoga centre kept growing with new additions and new ideas. And one day…… less than one month ago……..the Universe knocked the door unexpectedly, giving us an opportunity to go and to grow even more. Everything has been happening so fast!!! From tomorrow Marga Yoga will be taken over by a new management while we are about to expand at different locations in this beautiful world. While it will still take time before everything begins to take place and before we can post more news, we can only share our new website If you want to keep following our journey mail us to receive a monthly newsletter at: Thank you for your support, Simona


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