The Yoga Journey is a journey into the practice of yoga.

Learn the main yoga postures and their variations for beginners.

Practice Kriyas, Pranayama, Asana, Relaxation, Meditation.


Learn different sequences for your own practice.


Learn about yogic diet and receive 3 delicious recipes based on it.


Enjoy 25 videos on the theory and practice of yoga.


Videos include:

8 Theory classes (including sequencing your own practice)

12 step by step instruction classes for each asana including contraindications

One 75 min class

One 35 min gentle class

2 meditation classes

1 relaxation class



One extra pranayama class - 1 extra 60 min energizing class

3 extra 75 min- recorded online classes (including more advanced poses)


Complete a quiz at the end of each video


Receive a certificate of completion

Earn credits to be used on any YTT at Marga Yoga in Thailand & in Europe

To subscribe to the course, please click on "the yoga journey" button here below, then, follow the steps on The Yoga Journey page

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