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Om & Daisy

Om was born under a bungalow at a resort in Koh Phangan in 2010

A little furry creature with a gentle soul

Wrapped in a yellow cotton sarong with red Aum’s drawings he made his way to his new home where we had to get used to living with each other

True to his name, he developed a calm temperament and a devoted attitude

(He’s the one on the right with ears up)

Daisy arrived sick and skinny in 2016, she was approximately 7 months old

Because of her sickness she was very quiet; once healed she became a funny disaster

She was named Daisy because she was very fragile and cute

She had no manners but slowly learned everything from Om

She is very affectionate and loving, always looking for a cuddle

(She’s the one on the left with ears down)

We’re a team and we’re inseparable!!!

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