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Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Everybody is into yoga today, with yoga schools popping up like mushrooms, offering promises of everlasting happiness, quick enlightenment courses, countless teacher training courses and millions of Yogis & Yoginis.

But what is yoga? Is it only a physical exercise? Is it only the ability of standing on your head or hands? Or is there something more to it?

The difference between yoga and physical exercise is that yoga teachers are not just trained in asana practice. While asana practice is an integral part of Yoga, Yoga is the combination of the asana practice with ethical behavior, pranayama, internal purification, diet & meditation.

The mission of Yogis & Yoginis is to create an environment for people to grow in their physical and spiritual practice. Yogis & Yoginis understand yoga to be a mental practice as well as a physical one and their goal is to promote and happiness in one’s life.

Unfortunately in many instances, only the asana practice is taken into consideration while the other practices are not included.

While a Yogi is a seeker of truth, a Bhogi is into sex, drugs and indulging the senses & a Rogi is a very dishonest person, only trying to harm others.

A Bhogi, like most people in the world, constantly tries to get satisfaction from everything external. There is nothing particularly wrong with being a Bhogi; to have desires and to enjoy the pleasure of this world are natural, but their desires are endless. Bhogis looks for satisfaction in the world, never having enough, yet believing that the world can bring them everlasting happiness.

A Rogi is dishonest, not very nice to others and self-centered; a Rogi thinks only of himself or herself first, a Rogi can hurt others and thinks nothing of stealing or doing harm.

A yogi is someone who realizes that all the actions of the Bhogi and Rogi are ultimately fruitless, that external satisfaction is short lived, that hurting others is only an indirect form of hurting ourselves.

From this the desire for something more genuine arises. So the yogi wants to be freed from the limits of the mind and the senses and realizes that true peace and happiness is within.

A Yogi/Yogini follows an ethical life& knows the law of karma, therefore taking responsibility for his/her life.

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