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True to their name, they lived in complete dirt; roots were growing in the shower which floor was covered in slime, the walls were splashed with what could be like coffee in a couple of places, the cooker was so greasy it had turned brown, the windows did not open nor close from the rust, one door was partially rotten and the floor had turned brown….my goodness, how could they live in such dirt!??!!

There is a saying claiming that someone’s mind can be seen by looking at the place they live at. I can see this now with their behavior, aside from the damage done to the house and another one they tried to do personally to me which, as karma chose, did not work out the way they wanted.

Loving Gandhi’s quote: “nobody can hurt me without my permission”, instead of giving attention to some outer drama, I rolled my sleeves up and believed there was a reason for this happening!

Windows and door’s hinges were greased and once the light was able to come in again, the floor was the first to be washed and washed and washed!!! The house was already looking different. We worked for 3 weeks, painting, fixing, cleaning, placing colorful items around and giving the house a little touch of me.

It was clear what was meant to be in that place: the new yoga house; another branch, another location where yoga would take place.

I had left this location nearly a year earlier and I did not intend to come back but somehow the Universe seemed to have other plans for me when I was made aware of some illicit activities that brought me back there to reclaim the house.

I guess my karma with this place had not finished yet; once the house was ready, clients started to book; guests booking private retreats, one after the other while trainings started to fill up.

How could I run two locations in Thailand and some others abroad? That was my question and it still is; I do not have the answer to it yet but I have trust and the rest will manifest by itself as it did until now.

Knowing that we are all looked after and guided by some energy that is higher than we could imagine, is something I got to know a while back when I did not know what direction to take and somehow, while surfing the net, a book appeared and caught my attention as it mentioned the Universe on its cover (clever Universe to appear like this). I bought the book immediately and I read it in a day; somehow I felt a connection with that book and with a mantra explained in the book. I chanted as explained, morning and evening and all throughout the day as it just kept repeating in my mind.

It was nice to have a mantra in my mind rather than a voice.

Life changed! It changed that day, with that mantra, with gratitude and with trust!

We all have access to that energy, providing we are ethical and kind to all.

And this is what yoga is about; developing love and teaching it to others who might not be aware of it yet!!! We unlock our body through asana practice & we breathe to calm and to free our mind, to be able to open it to a dimension where there are no more limitations.

It is a beautiful journey of discovery I was lucky to be able to take; a journey that took a long while, peeling away layers of conditioning and fears accumulated through the years.

And today I try to pass this on to others with each class, each training and with each opportunity!

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